Details make the

Rotec was founded in 1993 and ever since that time healthy growth figures were realized on a yearly basis. Also stipulated by this continuous growth, the current business premises of Rotec was festively inaugurated in 2012.

As with this building, where the smallest details make the biggest differences, just as much attention is paid to the smallest details in the tools of Rotec. Experience has proven how much of a difference they can make!

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Our Location

Guests are welcomed in a warm and open environment in which they feel comfortable quickly. This environment also provides a comfortable, clean and quiet working place to the employees where they can contribute to Rotec results efficiently.

Did you know that Rotec is besides orange and blue also green? To heat the entire premises is by geothermal energy is Rotec’s way of contributing to a smaller carbon footprint!

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High performance

Quality of tools comes first, without a doubt! Rotec’s suppliers, as well as the products they supply, are evaluated on a regular basis. Where needed actions are taken to improve or Rotec’s application engineers give feedback and recommendations to the manufacturers based on their experience.

Rotec is proud to have various items in the sales program that are a result from intense communications with end users and product development meetings with manufacturers.

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It's all about
the Details

One of the most important incentives for customers to choose for Rotec and to stay with Rotec, is the high service level which is being demonstrated and proven again and again.

Every day orders are being picked in the spacious Rotec warehouse in order to meet the expectations of customers: “Ordered today, shipped today!”

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Typical Rotec

Typical of Rotec is the vast assortment of tools for the metal- and woodworking industry as well as the construction industry. A wide selection of high-end tools is available for each industry.

The assortment is not only up to date and fine-tuned to the demands of the market, but actually on stock and available!

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An eye for

The display systems of Rotec contribute severly to the successes of Rotec’s customers. Due to an optimal presentation, the tools can be found quickly and easily.

As a result of setting up and filling the displays as efficient as possible, Rotec’s specialists ensure that revenues per meter of store space are maximized.

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There’s much more to tell about Rotec, the products and the added value of the concept that Rotec offers.

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