Rotec - Renewed end milling line

Renewed end milling line

25 January, 2015
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In order to meet with the growing demands from the market, Rotec’s line with end milling cutters has been updated and expanded. Also the packing and the labeling have been upgraded to the latest level.

The high speed steel (HSS-E) end mills have been completely renewed, dimensions have been added and the pricing level has been revised according to nowadays market standards.

Rotec 645
Rotec 645
Secondly a complete new line with Silver-Line solid carbide end mills has been added to Rotec’s milling line. Tools with Rotec’s Silver-Line label are well known for their very interesting and high quality-to-price ratio.

Very interesting are the solid carbide VARIO-cutters. These end mills with variable helix have been designed to minimize vibrations. As a result, milling operations with much higher metal removal rates (either from higher feed rates, larger depths of cut, wider widths of cut and/or higher cutting speeds) can be achieved whilst maintaining a good surface quality of the workpiece. The reliable and proven TiAlN-coating protects the cutter from heat and premature wear and tear of the cutting edges.

Finally there has also been an addition with solid carbide end mills for non-ferrous metals (like aluminium) and platsics. A more positive cutting angle, a steeper helix and polished flutes and gullets ensure an excellent chip evacuation.